My Living Room as seen from the Lens of my New Camera

Jeanne Gets a New Camera!

Over the weekend I finally received my first ever DSLR camera (Thank you, Amex points!)  Until now, I have been using a point and shoot, and more recently, my iPhone 5.  Kinda sad, isn’t it? I ripped opened up the box and in anticlimactic fashion, I just stared at my camera and had no idea what to do. I was totally dumbfounded by all the buttons and dials – iPhone 5, you totally spoiled me!
I am not so sure my brother in law, an accomplished photographer, will want to associate with me after seeing my first batch of photographic work done on a DSLR camera. When he’s not busy heading up another one of his companies, my brother in law and his girlfriend, both avid photographers and wildlife enthusiasts, spend a significant amount of time traveling to far away places (and when I say far, I mean FAR – as in the Arctic Circle, Papua New Guinea, the inner depths of the African continent), where they have photographed penguins,  lions and tigers, and great white sharks circling them from above, all up close and personal.
Sorry to disappoint you all, but my picture taking ability does not even hold a candle next to my brother in law and his girlfriend.  I am just itching to learn how to use this “fancy” camera and after opening up the box, I got a little carried away and went “snap happy” in the living room.  Before I knew it I had a LOT of pictures (ok, I admit it – most of them really blurry or too dark, since I’m still learning) I am very stubborn too, which doesn’t help.  If it is so complicated that it requires a written manual, then I can’t be bothered (which is exactly why I love my iPhone 5 and I absolutely despise the GPS in my husband’s Volvo) After downloading my pictures, I started to compare the pictures that I took next to the pictures I took before we moved into our house not too long ago, and I realized  “WOW… big difference” (the decor, not the quality of picture!), so I figured that I’d take the opportunity to share.
When we moved into our house two years ago, almost every interior wall in the entire house was painted lemon yellow.  I like the color yellow, but only in small doses, and usually a brighter, more saturated version. My last house in New Jersey had VERY yellow walls that kept this California girl from getting too depressed during the long winter months.
Having three “men” in the house, I figured that the only room I could make a little “girly” would be the living room, so I went all out and painted it a pretty shade of lilac (after rejecting 5 other shades of the same color, of course!) Hey – I did all the painting myself, so I was going to have it the exact shade I wanted it if that meant testing out every single color in the store, but luckily for me I got it on the sixth try.
Click HERE to see what my living room looked like before we moved in.

My Lilac Living Room

The picture above is my shrine to all things Ebay, as they (the three-panel mirror, the Edward Wormley/Dunbar sideboard, the brass stool, the quartz crystals, Le Coultre obelisk clock) are all lucky Ebay finds that I stripped down and restored!

Below is Muhammad Ali’s signed lithograph, “Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee”, which adorned the wall in the bedroom my husband shared with his older brother when they were growing up in New York City. I find it kind of cool that something that was once in a boy’s bedroom could now hang  on the wall in a living room and not look out of place. It goes to show you that everything is versatile and could go almost anywhere.  It’s ALL about the presentation…

Here is another before shot of my living room before we moved in.  Click HERE

And here it is after.  While many people were turned off by the color of the painting in my living room, it was exactly that – the brilliant magenta color, that attracted me to this abstract painting by Indonesian painter, Putu Sutawijaya, when I purchased it many years ago. Now it hangs proudly in my room and adds a nice burst of color on an otherwise empty wall.

And last but not least, my attempt at a close up shot of a bronze sculpture from sculptor, Syahrizal, that my mom bought for me on a recent trip to Indonesia.

So all you professional photographers out there, be cautioned that while you may not be impressed by this first batch of photographs that I took today,  I will eventually catch up!



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