Whenever  I go to my mother in law’s house, I always find myself admiring her beautiful collection of perfume bottles, so perfectly arranged on her bathroom shelf.  The other day I stopped by my good friend, Nicole’s house, and I found myself just as mesmerized by the bottles on her shelf, but instead of perfume bottles, I found myself admiring her beautiful liquor bottles.   Yes, that’s right – her liquor bottles.

SOME OTHER INTERESTING  BOTTLE SHAPES – I especially love how petite, dainty,  and delicate the Chambord liqueur bottle looks.

SIMPLE BOTTLES, PRETTY LABELS – The one on the far left looks like the handwriting of my 7th grade French teacher, Mme Assaf.  Love it!

I have never been shy about how I choose my wine – I always choose the prettiest, most appealing bottle, of course!  My husband, however, does not agree with my criteria for choosing wine, since unlike me,  he knows his wine.  So I guess you can say I do judge a book by its cover, but thankfully, that ONLY pertains to liquor, and nothing else.

…and here is the “Granddaddy of Them All”, the prettiest bottle in the liquor cabinet – St. Germain.  It should be no surprise to everyone that it is also the most frequently consumed liquor in my house.  How can one resist the bottle?  So statuesque, it can almost be mistaken for an Oscar.

Last but not least, with all those pretty bottles, you’re going to need a nice place to store them, so here’s my pick of hip little bar cabinets.

1  •  2  •  3  •  4  •  5

On that note, have a wonderful weekend and drink up… in STYLE, of course!!