Hermès Orange – The Color of Ultimate Luxury

There are many variations on the color orange, but only one shade of orange – the signature Hermès orange, that one associates with ultimate luxury.
 Birkin 35 large satchel in signature Hermès orange
The orange Hermès box and shopping bag is a much coveted and sought after status symbol and many have even resorted to incorporating them into their interiors.  Would you bring yourself to decorating an interior with a store’s gift box or shopping bag, even if it happens to be Hermès?  I have to admit, the orange IS very eye catching and very beautiful, but using a shopping bag as a design prop?  Really?


Because Hermès orange is so recognizable and its association with luxury, many companies  have followed suit in utilizing the same exact shade of orange to represent their brand, perhaps to attain the same brand recognition and loyal following as Hermès,  the créme de la créme in the luxury goods market.
Since I won’t be buying myself a Hermès Birkin bag anytime soon (or Bugatti, for that matter) – Tory Burch, perhaps (as long as I am not donning a conspicuous logo on my chest or on my toes),  I’ll have to settle with emulating the rich Hermès orange color into the spaces I design.  Here are few examples of how I might incorporate orange into the home.


…as an accent against a deep, rich chocolate brown and creamy white, Hermès orange can give a room that pop of color it needs.  Just the addition of orange, alone brings the room to life.


…as the painted interior of a chinoiserie inspired cabinet


…against crisp white and a soothing dove grey for a contemporary twist.

Mary McDonald for Schumacher

…or on the walls with the furniture and floors in neutral grey and decadent marshmallow white to keep the room grounded.

While most designers like to mix Hermès orange into a more subdued and neutral palette, I like to incorporate it with a variety of color.  Below is a picture of my dining room with my orange linen tablecloth, aqua walls, an aubergine painted built in china cabinet, and chartreuse duppioni accent chairs, to give the room a splash of color and a little twist of luxury.

So now that you’ve seen what you can do with Hermès orange, would you use it in your own house? If so, how?  I’m curious – let me know what you think.

Last but not least, you can click here to download the signature orange Hermès leather screensaver for your computer and save yourself the $7K you would otherwise spend on an orange Birkin bag ($30K if you’re into croc.) Enjoy!!…and did you notice? I got all my accent marks in the right place! Mme Assaf, my middle school French teacher, would be proud.

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