2015 Legends Windows at the LCDQ


Legends 2015 at the La Cienega Design Quarter | Photo credit: JL Photographers

2015 Legends Windows at the La Cienega Design Quarter

This year’s Legends event at the La Cienega Design Quarter  has come and gone, but not without more than its fair share of memorable moments. Legends, now in its seventh  year,  has become one of the most enthusiastically anticipated design events of year and is often referred to as the fashion week of design where design editors, designers, and design aficionados flock to the streets of the La Cienega Design Quarter to celebrate design.   Although much of what is talked about are the 3 days of design panels highlighting the who’s who of design, the power lunches,  and the many cocktail parties, one of the events I look forward to each year is the unveiling of the LCDQ Legends  windows that line the streets of the La Cienega Design Quarter. Each year the windows of the LCDQ members are decorated to reflect a common theme, and this year’s theme was “Where Muses Dwell”.  Celebrated designers from around the country presented their muse or inspiration by decorating 67 LCDQ member showrooms, and or the first time, the editors, LCDQ ambassadors, and general public were able to vote on their favorite windows via an online voting poll and the results are in:

The People’s Choice

30 Fuller + Roberts_Jeff Andrews window Legends2015 LCQLA

Jeff Andrews for Fuller & Roberts – “Proportion” Photo credit: Grey Crawford

In his window for Fuller and Roberts, Designer Jeff Andrews showcased a pair of #852 chairs from his recently unveiled collection,  Jeff Andrews for A. Rudin.  These two chairs,  along with Ralph Lauren mirrors are surrounded  by a sea of yellow tape measures on all sides.   Equally as thought provoking as it was captivating to the eye from both near and far, it is no wonder why Andrews’ window was selected as the People’s Choice award.

Editor’s Choice

Therien_Ken Fulk Legends2105 LCDQLA

Ken Fulk for Therien – “The Movie Inside My Head”Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Words from Ken Fulk, designer of Therien’s window, whose inspiration was The Movie Inside My Head : “I have an imaginary reel going on in my head whenever I start a project, I can see the “movie” of it in my head before anything else comes together…This swirling tornado represents the creative process…” Fulk’s dizzying yet intriguing depiction of his creative process truly shows his imagination at work.

The Ambassador’s Choice

Hollyhock_Sam Allen Legends2015 LCDQLA

Sam Allen for Hollyhock – “Bali” | Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Sam Allen was inspired by the the color blue and the rich and vibrant colors of Bali for his window for Mecox.  Having lived in Bali off and on for many years in my former life, I can attest that the mix of ethnic ikats, tribal patterns, and Chinese ginger jars, and western design sensibility seen in Allen’s window is a true reflection of the melting pot of cultures seen on the island.

In addition to the three big award winners, the 2015 Legends Window designers seemed to find inspiration in people with similar backgrounds (architects, literary marvels, socialites, fashion designers, to name a few)  and places, and here are a few:

The Sea

Many stories have been told that portray the sea as a mystifying place – Jonah and the Whale, Moby Dick, tales of mermaids.  This mystifying place was also where two LCDQ window designers found their inspiration and where there muses dwell.

Tufenkian_Geoffrey De Sousa Legends 2015 LCDQLA

Geoffrey De Sousa for Tufenkian – “The Sea” | Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Geoffrey De Sousa finds inspiration from the sea, and as stunning as the window was at night when the photo above was taken, it was even more so during the day, with fanciful mermen lounging around and sensuously flapping their tails on demand.

Geoffrey De Sousa for Tufenkian – “The Sea” Photo: Jeanne K Chung


Christina Rottman for Mansour – “Poseidon” | Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Poseidon, Greek mythological “God of the Sea” was the inspiration for Christina Rottman’s window for Mansour, which featured a lone chair, presumably that of Poseidon, centered and sitting below  four bewitching photographs of the sea.

Inspired by the Allure of Rock and Roll

Those who are not in the music industry have always been intrigued by those who live their lives immersed in what us outsiders see and refer to as a world of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”.


L’Esperance at Dragonette – David Bowie | Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Paul L’Esperance and Daelen Cory, the dynamic duo of L’Esperance Design paid homage to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust period for their window at Dragonette.  Images of Bowie were displayed throughout with custom designed lucite seating superimposed with translucent images of Bowie.   Custom mylar wall coverings  printed with oversized images of Bowie covered each wall surface, and a large scale video monitor centered in the rear of the space and reflective surfaces throughout made sure that was not going to be any shortage of Bowi in the space.

Marc Phillips_Maya Williams

Maya Williams for Marc Philips – “Women of Rock” | Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Female rock heroines fuel designer Maya Williams’ creativity and have “played a significant role in influencing [her] personality, and [her] work.” Instruments and props strewn throughout and a monitor playing a continuous reel of sets from Williams’ favorite rock muses play on the screen in the rear of the window.  To add a touch of glam to the space, Williams utilizes a lucite and brass pendant by Arteriors and an architectural brass spider chair.

Inspired by Exotic Locales

Designers always venture to faraway places to seek inspiration – do you blame them?  Other designers, such as is the case with Christopher Kennedy, find inspiration in their own back yard.


Anthony George for MK Collection -“Marrakesh, Morocco” | Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Marrakesh was where designer Anthony George finds his muse residing.  His window design for MK Collection is a depiction of Tea Time in Marrakesh, where he uses modern design elements that still stay true to tradition.

Christopher Kennedy - Legends2015 LCDQ

Christopher Kennedy for Marc Phillips – “Palm Springs” | Photo: Jeanne K Chung

According to Christopher Kennedy, “Palm Springs is not just about midcentury architecture …from the celebrities who made it famous to the hipsters who have recently reignited the party scene, Palm Springs is a place of glamorous and decadent escapism.”

Jamals_Stephen Shutts Legends 2015 LCDQ

Stephen Shutts for Jamals – “Eden” | Photo credit: Grey Crawford

And of course the most exotic locale that a designer  could possibly think of is “Eden” and is portrayed by Stephen Shutts in the window for Jamals, complete with many fallen apples strewn on the ground and one lone apple remaining on the tree.

Inspired by Animals

While many designers opted to go a more serious or thought provoking route when approaching the design of their windows, two designers opted to take it as an opportunity to show their more whimsical side and used animals ir even their own pets as their design muses.

Mecox_Betsy Burnham

Betsy Burnham for Mecox- “Animals” | Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Jasper-Konstantin Kakanias

Konstantin Kakanias for Jasper – “My dog, Renzo” | Photo credit: Grey Crawford

Among other muses that this year’s LCDQ window designers chose were literary marvels, architects,  and designers.  Perusing the streets of the LCDQ is always one of the highlights of Legends, as I love seeing all the different interpretations of a common theme and how each designer executes their ideas.  If you didn’t have a chance to see the LCDQ windows in person, head over to check out the full collection of  LCDQ Legends 2015 windows. Better yet, see the windows in person next year at Legends 2016!

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High Point Market Trend Recap Spring 2015 | 8 Top Trends

Top Trends at High Point Market

High Point Market Trend Recap- Spring 2015

Earlier in the week I returned from High Point Market,  the largest home furnishings industry trade show located in High Point, North Carolina.  Collectively, High Point Market exhibitors show their wares in 11.5M ft2 of show space, spread throughout downtown High Point and its environs.  Twice a year, the otherwise sleepy town of High Point nearly doubles in size and an influx of 85,000 buyers, exhibitors, and designers from around the globe flock to see the latest in home furnishings and accessories, and in doing so pump more than $5 Billion into the local economy.

High Point Market is one of my top highlights every year, as it is one of the few places where I can get so much accomplished in one place.  Not only do I shop for my client projects, but I attend educational talks, network at cocktail parties, and can stay ahead of the curve by keeping on top of the market’s current offerings.  Because of the breadth that High Point Market has to offer, it is also the best place to spot trends as they unfold, which brings me to what I spotted at this market.  Keep in mind that the High Point Market Trend Recap I am presenting here is only a smattering of the actual offerings available at High Point Market. [Read more…]

W. Schillig at High Point Market – Luxury Seating…and Now Rugs

W. Schillig - High Point Market Showroom

W. Schillig

Established in 1949, W. Schillig is known in the industry for their offerings of luxury seating – sofas, chairs, and sectionals.  European styling, German engineering and sensibility is how they built their brand and High Point Market marks the debut of sophisticated rugs to complement what they already have, extending their brand to floor coverings as well as seating. If you’re visiting High Point Market this week, you must stop by the showroom on the 3rd floor of the 220 Elm Building to see and experience the line in person.

If you are not familiar with W. Schillig brand, are you in for a treat.  Upon entering their showroom at High Point Market, I was greeted by a sea of beautiful seating paired with complementary rugs.  Little did I know that beneath all the sleek styling was function and flexibility.  Here’s a little video clip to give you a quick glimpse of W. Schillig’s line of luxury motion: [Read more…]

My Favorite Finds at 220 Elm – High Point Market

220 Elm at High Point Market

I am currently at High Point Market  attending the world’s largest furniture market, which is held semi-annually in High Point, North Carolina.  Each spring and fall, High Point Market  brings 85,000 buyers, exhibitors, and designers to the area to see the latest in furniture, home accessories, and interior design trends.  Collectively, High Point Market consists of 11.5 million ft2 of show space, but in this post I will take you through 220 Elm, one of the buildings in the main downtown High Point and houses a diverse mix of clean and sophisticated contemporary design.

The past two days I’ve spent going through the showrooms in 220 Elm and have selected several finds that caught my eye to share and perhaps to entice you to come and see what 220 Elm is all about.  While this is just a quick peek at what the building has to offer, by no means is it limited to what I’ve shown here.

My Favorite Picks at 220 Elm

Modern Furniture finds at 220 Elm

Apelle Armchair from MIDJ at Leif Petersen

A sleek and sexy  “pink gold” (aka copper) frame chair mixed with leather from MIDJ at Leif Petersen. It’s amazing what a little nuance can do for a piece of furniture. [Read more…]